Can you believe this day is finally here? Everything is picture perfect!
Patti~Lou looks beautiful and perfectly calm...I can't believe it....and there's Harry down at the shore, giving some last minute instructions.
Look at all the puff pastry! I thought someone ate them all....umm, Jane?! And the bubbly...mmmm....perfect!
It looks like the wedding party is almost ready....don't they look lovely?!
And the music.....oh, how beautiful!
And off into the sunset....together forever, at long last. What a beautiful wedding! Congratulations and all our best wishes! May you celebrate many happy years together, all the days of your lives.

Love Sue & Jane

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The Grill is even fired up!!

Thursday, 26 May 2005

Hand fasting

May the gentle winds of time allow your love
to flow freely between one another,
may you share each other’s wisdom & enjoy the bliss together
as you help each other’s dreams come true.

May you kindle in one another sparks of
passion & desire that ignite & fuel a mighty fire
which shall burn within you both eternally.

Together shall you explore the mysteries
of the waters that are your love
& be bathed in them eternally.
Let their healing properties surround you
& cleanse you of all hurt from your past.

Let it be known that in your arms is the only place
where you truly feel at home.
Whose kisses are like heaven on earth
& whose words give great comfort to your weary soul.

When the journey becomes tiring,
remember that standing right beside you,
is the one that has promised to love you
with all their heart & soul
sharing it right along with you.
In marriage shall your union be that of the mind,
body & spirit.
Bonded together by all four elements..

The four elements that shall keep you bound
to each other on an earthly plane,
the mind, body & spirit
so that when your bodies can take no more,
you may find each other’s spirit in heaven

Bride & Groom Have each prepared themselves
in their hearts to begin a new life,
one built together on the foundations of love and respect.
Marriage is a rite of passage where the past is left behind
& they walk together bound by the ties of love.
To symbolise these bonds,
I here bind their hands together,
making the infinity symbol (as seen from above)
with our arms.

(hand fasting Ribbon wrapped around their joined wrists).
With this Ribbon, which like their love holds them together,
& yet they retain their individuality,
may this joining bless your union with
sensitivity & understanding.

You begin your journey bound by the vows of this rite.
Countless moons will you watch together.
If you keep your vows sacred,
happy will be many of your days.

May the winds whisper joy into your life.
(Wind -  Tie knot)

May the fires of love ignite your passion
for each other throughout your years.
(Fire -  Tie knot)

May you explore the reflection of love in one another’s soul.
(Water -  Tie knot)

May you plant strong roots in the earth,
(Earth -  Tie knot)

grow older together
(Tie knot)

& have a happy home.
(Tie knot)

Many roads will you take,
many dreams will you share & countless summers will pass.
May this joining bless your union
with thoughtfulness & caring.
Your hands thus joined, from the symbol of infinity,
blessing your marriage in the eternal ebb and flow of the universe.

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My sincere thanks to Paul Kucharski for the use of his beautiful music.
Oh, look at the fairyland wedding cupcakes!! What a unique idea....and bubbles for the beach....and their earrings....and the beautiful ribbon....and...and...goodness....they've thought of everything!! 'n if I don't slow down, I'm going to cry.....
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